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The image above shows Årskogens Oda, a chocolate brown Burmese cat, closest in the image. Rosita and Lill-Busan in the window. Rosita to left and Lill-Busan to the right. Lill-Busan and Rosita are brown Burmese cats.

If you are interested in cat breeding, you might want to check out my breeder's page: S*BerlinerMauer's Burmeser - Burmese Cattery

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The Contents of The Cat Section:

    Busan Memorial and Tribute Site

    Beloved Cats

    Busan's Photo Album and Busan's Memorial Award Nominations

    Lill-Busan's Cat Page

    Pedigree of Busan

    Pedigree of Oda

    Pedigree of Rosita

    Pedigree of Lill-Busan

    Cayenne's Photo Page

    Cayenne Memorial Page

    Busan, Oda, Lill-Busan, Rosita & Cayenne

    BerlinerMauer's Burmeser / BerlinerMauer's Burmese Cattery

    Cat Links

    Arkansas's homepage

    Snobben's homepage

    Winners of Busans Memorial Award

    Alaska Jim's Kitty Page

    Rosita Memorial Page


Kitty GreyCat born June 6, 1982. Died July 9, 1997.
All of our awards are in loving memory of her.

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